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Penguin - Latest Google Update (24th April 2012)

Posted by amitchahar_chahar on May 19, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Online search engine user community has received yet another gift from Google in the form of Penguin Update, intended towards further enhancement in the user experience. It has been welcomed all across the globe, except by the website owners, whose ranks have been drastically affected. This update has specifically targeted those SEO strategies, which over optimize the search results, leading to a low grade user experience.


According to Matt CuttsWebmasters should concentrate on creating high quality sites (providing best user experience), instead of aggressive web-spam tactics for appearing in the top notch results.


This update also targets excessive link building strategies through paid links, link farms, etc. Though, link building has not been banned, but it should be under a specified limit.


Further, an irrelevant usage of keywords in the anchor text has also been banned.

According to pre Penguin SEO techniques direct keyword insertion in the anchor text was considered to be a good practice, but now instead of direct keyword insertion in the anchor text, link builders are suggested to use the following options:


1. Click here

2. Read more

3. For further info click here

4. Long tail keyword like xyz SEO services in India etc.


Also, the link should point to a relevant page which delivers the promised content to a user.


Apart from the anchor text issue, Penguin Update has also tightened its noose on the wrong usage of grammar in long tail keywords.


For example in the past a keyword “SEO services", could be customized for a particular locale or area, as "SEO services India". However, the correct grammatical version of the same, accepted by Google is "SEO services in India". Therefore, now webmasters will have to be more oriented towards the usage of grammatically correct keywords.


Hence, this update has definitely changed the best SEO practices. However, has not banned them completely. Therefore, a refined usage of current optimization techniques is the need of the hour.


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